Martine, Dorothe, Yagana Lucia and Rene-Widows left in Central African Republic

Martine Verpio’s husband was brutally murdered by Seleka rebels in CAR. She aged 55 was severely beaten and her house looted. She is now struggling with the trauma and poor health. Pray for Open Doors workers helping her and many others with relief and trauma counselling.


Maria (22) was another woman whose husband was killed in front of her by Seleka and when she tried to run away she was raped. She is also being helped with her two children Sara(5) and Vincent (10 months).

Dorothe lost her husband Pastor Boganda in December 2014 when he was attacked by Fulani herdsmen. She has three children.

Yagana Lucia lost her husband Rev.Pierre-Severin Kongbo and her son when they were killed by Seleka rebels. She has five remaining children-pray for their provision and peace.

Rene Vianney lost her husband to Seleka rebels in 2013. Her eldest son has struggled with desire for revenge. May he trust Romans 12:19.


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