Syria-hope in the midst of misery




For many it is too late.



In the midst of this destruction of a nation and bloodbath, God is building his everlasting kingdom. Please pray for the church in Syria who, despite facing escalating persecution, have chosen to stay in their homeland to offer hope—found in Christ alone—and minister to those in need. 


  • Peace-an end to the violence (100,000 dead already)  I Timothy 2:2

  • 3.5 million refugees (1 million left the country for Lebanon, Iraq, Jordan)-aid agencies, believers ministry. (Christ’s earthly family sought refuge in Egypt). Aid agencies, many of which are Christian are meeting the basic needs of thousands.

  • In Lebanon the 800,000 refugees make up 40% population of the country. But local believers are ministering practically and spiritually to those displaced. They see this as a wonderful opportunity. Pray for the churches. That Lebanon will be a haven of peace where those fleeing can find peace in Christ.

  • Christians who remain esp pastors. Christ is building His church. For conversions-people are being saved! For disciples. Matthew 28:18-20. Thousands of Bibles are being distributed and many churches cannot hold the numbers coming to services. May new believers grow in the word by reading and hearing true preaching.

  • Christian literature, radio and TV.


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