Young rape victims families threatened.


On 10th February 2015 at 17:30 two men on motorcycles stopped outside Sherish and Farzana’s house, in Jaranwala with a loaded repeater gun.  These men  shouted out that they  were the relatives of the boys who raped Sehrish and Farzana and that the Girls deserved to be raped as they were unwanted Christians in Muslim lands.

They two aggressors stood outside the girls family home firing their gun in the air and shouted at the family home in an  abusive manner demanding that family drop the legal case against the rapists, who are currently incarcerated and await a trial hearing.  A threat was made that they resolve the matter as prescribed or face being killed as blasphemers.

The younger brother of Sehrish and Farzana (12 years old) ventured out of his home to see what was happening.  On seeing the vulnerable child the gun men aimed and shot at him several times.  By the grace of God none of the bullets met their target as he escaped injury by taking refuge in their home.

The fired at the wooden door  to the family home in an attempt to frighten them.  Praying on their knees the family sought solace and peace and asked for God’d protection.  As if in answer to their prayers the two gunmen left after a further 20 minutes of hollering abuse, much of it targeting the two girls, intimating that they would be subjected to a similar rape attack if the family remain in Muslim lands. As the two men left the family contacted the Church Pastor.

The Church Pastor took the family to his residence in Jaranwala main city, for safe refuge and the family is still residing there. Early the next morning he contacted the local Bishop. Bishop hired a lawyer and has local police to file an urgent FIR against the attackers who are known.

Pastor has retained the shells of the bullets fired at the wooden door of the family home.

Sherish, one of the rape victims, said;

” I am too afraid to go back home. This was once my local community but all I have now is bad memories.”

Father of the girls Ilyas Masih, wept as he said;

“I wish never go back. We already paid a big cost of my daughters honour, we can’t afford the loss of any family member now.”


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