Brother of Slain Coptic Christians Thanks ISIS For Including Theirs Words of Faith In Murder Video

2/18/2015 Egypt (Christian Today)

In the video released that showed the brutal murder of 21 Christians who had been kidnapped by jihadist militants from ISIS the final words of some of the men can be heard. You can hear some of them proclaim “Lord Jesus Christ” in their last moments. Speaking on a live prayer and worship program on the Christian channel SAT-7 ARABIC, Beshir Kamel, the brother of  Bishoy and Samuel Kamel said how he was proud of them for they were a ‘badge of honor of Christianity’ and hearing their last words proclaiming ‘Jesus Christ’ strengthened his faith.
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  • Pray for the families of the 21 Christian men who were martyred for their faith
  • Pray that God will use this tragic incident to strengthen and unite Egypt
  • Pray that ISIS will be brought to justice

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