Eyes On The Persecuted: A Prayer For Sudan




Sudan is once again in the news as South Sudan nears a March 5th deadline for peace talks. Since 2013 the UN estimates that 2.5 million people have been affected and are near a crises for famine. It has been said that numbers of those killed are not kept by the government, but an International Crises Group claims 50,000 have been murdered.  South Sudan’s population is reported by some as almost 50% Christian. In the north, an estimated 16% are Christians while Muslims make up 62% and those who practice traditional religions 22%. Pray for Sudan, pray for the Christians in North and South Sudan.

World Watch Monitor is reporting that fears are growing for 2 Pastors who have been arrested.


(World Watch Monitor) Fears are growing for the welfare of two South Sudanese church leaders who are being held in unknown locations by Sudan’s intelligence services.

Pastor Yat Michael and Pastor Peter Yen (also named as David Yein Reith in some reports) have now each been held for over a month after being arrested during visits to the country from their homes in South Sudan.

The two pastors are members of the South Sudan Presbyterian Evangelical Church, and both were arrested while visiting Sudan’s capital, Khartoum.

sudan map

While South Sudan has a largely Christian population, Sudan is predominantly Muslim. However, many thousands of Southern Sudanese who fled the long civil war to live in the north are now so rooted there, they chose to remain. There are still churches in the north to meet their needs, although some have come under pressure in recent months.  “The longer these two men are held in a secret location, the greater the risk of them being tortured,” said Amnesty International UK Director Kate Allen.  Sudan ranks sixth in the 2015 World Watch List of 50 countries where Christians face most persecution. Its almost two million Christians face strict laws imposed by an Islamic government, which has ruled that apostasy is still legally punishable by death. Sudanese who are seen as non-Arab are most vulnerable to being punished under the Apostasy law.  (Read the full report)

The report goes on to say that the Church in Sudan is growing despite persecution.  We see this over and over, that God is growing His church in the middle of persecution.  They desperately need our prayers.  Sudan is suffering, the Christians are suffering.  The innocent caught in this conflict are suffering.  Pray for peace.

Father we ask you to be merciful in Sudan. We ask that your love and light surround thy precious people with protection and a peace that can only come from you above. Protect them Father, provide for their needs, and we ask that the flow of aid be restored to this nation. We ask that you abundantly provide their needs, send caring hands to provide and comfort. Grant peace to the Nations of Africa.  Guide the leaders in talks for peace. Spread your gospel to the lost. Father disrupt and discomfit all those who wish to disrupt and destroy, and provide a peaceful respite and solution. We ask this in Jesus Name.

Voice of the Persecuted (adapted)


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