PAKISTAN – Christian ‘kidnapped’ by abusive employer

images images.jpg 2

Bonded labourers


The family of a Pakistani Christian fear he has been kidnapped and may be killed.

The man, known as ‘S’, has not been seen for three months or made any attempt to contact his relatives. His family suspect he is being held by their employer, a local landlord: S, his seven brothers and their father have all worked for this man.

The father has been on the man’s staff for 22 years, despite suffering regular abuse at his hands. A recent assault left him unable to walk properly.

One of the brothers told Release partners that the family’s employer was a cruel man whom, he fears, may be forcing S to sell drugs.

(Source: Release partners)

  • Pray for S’s immediate release, and ask God to heal and restore him. Pray also for peace for his family.
  • Pray that officials such as the police will uphold the rights of all Pakistani citizens, including religious minorities such as Christians, so that none are treated as second-class citizens.

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