VIETNAM – Mob attacks Pastor Quang and son

April 1, 2015

Pastor QuangMennonite Pastor Nguyen Hong Quang (pictured) has been assaulted again – just two months after being hospitalised as a result of a brutal attack.

A mob of about 25 young men are reported to have attacked Pastor Quang and his son, Nguyen Quang Trieu, at their church in Ho Chi Minh City. Both suffered facial injuries and Nguyen Quang Trieu suffered bruising to his body after being kicked repeatedly. Two other pastors who tried to intervene were also injured.

Police reportedly failed to stop the attack and are said to have filed a report accusing Pastor Quang and his son of ‘disturbing local residents’. Another pastor, arrested on his way to meet Pastor Quang, is believed to have been taken to hospital after fainting in custody.

On January 18, Pastor Quang and a colleague were hospitalised after they were attacked by a mob armed with bricks and rocks close to their Bible college (Prayer Alert, January 20).

PRAY: that God will protect Pastor Quang, his family, his church and his college students from further attack. Pray they will stand strong in their faith. Thank God for Pastor Quang’s strong resolve to continue his ministry, and pray for his and his son’s physical healing.

(Source: Voice of the Martyrs Australia)



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