Terrible Injustice


Flag of Colombia


In April 2011 Jaime Tenorio of the Nasa tribe was sent to jail for 20 years for opposing the tribe’s ancestral beliefs.He with 19 other believing families were banished from their farms. His son Ferney 17 was dreadfully treated as was his sister Lizbeth 15.Ferney, Jaime jr 11,Giselli 13 are in an Open Doors home. Lizbeth is still in hiding. His mother Marleny and younger siblings Faiber 7 and Light Bleidy 5 are at home.


In April 2011 Jaime Tenorio was sentenced to 20 years in prison because of his opposition to traditional ancestral beliefs that run counter to Christianity. Jaime is an indigenous Christian farmer living in Cauca. In September 2010, he and his family were banished from their farmland by local Council leaders. On 5 March 2011, his farmland was vandalised on the instruction of the local governor. Shortly after, he was arrested.

Jaime is married to Marleny and they have six children, some of whom are now at the Children’s Centre.


Praise God that Jaime Tenorio, who is serving 20 years in San Isidro prison, is able to attend Bible studies led by Prison Fellowship of Colombia. “Reading the Bible makes me free, strong and able to handle this difficult situation,” says Jaime. It would also be a real encouragement to Jaime if you could write him or his wife, Marleny, a letter. He is in prison because he opposed traditional ancestral beliefs that run counter to Christianity, and before he was arrested he and his family were banished from their own farmland. Everything you need to know about writing a letter is here in our guide: http://bit.ly/18TLn6A

This dear man was released in November 2014 PTL! But his local council denied his family access to food and education so he has relocated-pray he and his family can settle and rebuild their lives, get fellowship, and live to honour their Saviour.




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