Cuban Pastor’s Son Detained in Military Prison

While Obama is ready to meet Castro, Cuban authorities are still guilty of many wicked tactics and  persecution against believers!

Gabriel Leyva, 19, was serving his mandatory military service when he was
accused of forming a cartel against the Cuban government. Accused of writing
a song against the government, he is now being held in a military prison with
little recourse. He was arrested with only four months in his military service to
complete. When Gabriel’s father, a pastor, went to the prison to visit him, the
guards refused to let them speak to one another. “We know this is a form of
persecution from the government, to hurt this young man because he is the
son of a pastor,” a VOM contact said. The Leyva family is integral to a new
church plant that VOM sources say is a “powerful blessing” in the community.
VOM Sources
Photo: Gabriel Leyva, 19, is being held in a Cuban military prison on false
charges because he is the son of a pastor.


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