UGANDA – Pastor’s daughter gang-raped to ‘punish her father’


April 17, 2015

A pastor’s daughter was left seriously injured and traumatised after five men raped her – reportedly because her father had refused to close his church.

The 17-year-old was assaulted as she made her way from her home to the church in the Budaka district of eastern Uganda. Her attackers fled when other church members arrived for a prayer vigil.

The men had reportedly threatened the pastor and ordered him to stop holding worship services. They told his daughter that she was being punished because of her father’s refusal to back down.

Budaka district is predominantly Muslim, even though Uganda is 85 per cent Christian. There have been other instances of Christian persecution in the district: a Free Church of Christ was burned down in February last year.

(Source: Morning Star News)

Please PRAY NOW for our sister in Christ who has suffered this brutal assault.

Ask God to comfort, strengthen and heal her and pray that she and her family would know God’s peace at this traumatic time.

Pray too that those responsible for this attack would be brought to justice.

Pray that God would protect Christians in Budaka and that his word would continue to be shared in churches and schools in the area.



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