Nepal’s Human Rights Commission Pledges to Defend Freedom of Conscience


A ray of hope!

11/13/2014 Nepal (Asia News) 

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Nepal had been a Hindu monarchy for many years until 2006 when the country became a democracy. During the monarchy, religious minorities were imprisoned, persecuted and not allowed to have places of worship, which has recently changed. As Nepal continues to draft a new constitution, the National Human Rights Commission has pledged to defend the freedom of conscience that will protect every citizen’s right to choose his or her own faith. Many are hoping that issue is a thing of the past. Please pray for Nepal today.Christians in Pakistan

Christians in Nepal Fear Delay in Drafting of New Constitution Following Deadly Quake

4/28/2015 Nepal (BosNewsLife)


Christians in Nepal fear that the drafting of a new constitution may be delayed following the deadly earthquake that struck the country last Saturday. The death toll has past 4,000 and is likely to continue to climb as both cities and remote villages suffered due to the 7.8 quake. Before the disaster, many believed that the new constitution would be ready soon. Christians are particularly concerned with the new constitution because it is hoped that it will include a freedom of religion clause that will protect their rights to practice their Christians faith without harassment, something they currently do not enjoy.


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  • Pray for the healing of those injured during Nepal’s deadly earthquake
  • Pray that the drafting of Nepal’s new constitution will not be delayed and that the freedom of religious clause will be included to protect the rights of Christians to practice their faith without harassment


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  • Pray Nepal will grant full freedom of conscience to religious minorities
  • Pray for the release of those imprisoned for their faith
  • Pray for a revival of our Lord Jesus Christ to come upon all of Nepal

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