Left behind in Vietnam.


Naomi’s husband Michael was arrested and sentenced to eight years in prison for seeking religious freedom and trying to reclaim land confiscated by the authorities. His wife and five children have been sentenced to eight years without a husband and father. Naomi (44) has to work as a hired labourer in the fields. She thanks God her husband is faithful in prison where he and others worship even though forbidden. His health is not good with stomach, back and sciatic pain.


Doreen(50) has a husband Thomas who was jailed for eighteen years 11 years ago for seeking religious freedom and she has only seen him seven times in all those years. They have six children, none of whom will be able to attend university, one of who has a child of her own. Alongside her family she has an ageing grandmother to care for and has to work in the fields. She is thankful that all remain faithful including her husband.


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