Prayer Request for our brethren in Charleston SC church shooting


Photo: Rueters

Dear saints let us remember our dear brothers and sisters in Charleston SC in prayer …….

Please pray that God will use this tragedy for His triumph and glory.

Please pray for God`s mercy and comfort to be on those impacted by this tragedy.

Please pray that black and white churches will reform and be the church Jesus means for her to be.  Please pray that all churches will unite as one in the truth of Christ.  That they will pray together.

Please pray for the suspect to come to know Jesus.

Please pray for the American church to wake up to this tragedy and see that persecution is now at our door and indeed it is starting with the politically correct, the pro-homosexual gay lobby, pro-abortionists, feminists and Obama administration!

By Blayne Scogin (VOM) adapted by me-JK


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