Appalling murder under Islamic persecution.

Christian Mother of 11 in Uganda Poisoned by Muslim In-Laws, Area Sources Say


6/24/2015 Uganda (Morning Star News)


A Christian convert from Islam and mother of 11 children has been murdered by her sister-in-law because of her faith in Christ, according to Morning Star News. Reportedly, Jafaran Wowa poisoned Namumbeiza Swabura, who complained of severe stomach pain and bled profusely from her nose leading to her death after Wowa prepared a plantain dish for her to eat. Wowa is now in hiding, but locals in Nabuli village in Uganda suspect Wowa may have been paid to kill Swabura. Swabura’s husband Mugoya Muhammad, who was formerly an Islamic teacher, says the family faces countless death threats because of their conversion to Christ.


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  • Pray that God would send His spirit and angels to comfort and protect Namumbeiza’s family during this difficult time
  • Pray that God would provide food, shelter and aid for Namumbeiza’s 11 children
  • Pray for the Christians in Nabuli village; for peace instead of anxiety and for courage instead of fear

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