Advance of Islam


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The advance of Islam in Africa is particularly evident in the countries bordering Muslim-majority countries on the “Islamic Rim” (see map) where violence beaks out in an effort to intimidate, convert or drive out the local animists and Christians. This is seen today especially in Nigeria, Tanzania and Kenya.


For example in Rwanda and Burundi the Muslim minority are very active providing social care in schools and health centres, feeding the poor, providing credit and newly built mosques are appearing at 5Km intervals in rural areas. Mosques are built to impress. Muslim men are encouraged to marry Christian girls and many hundred young Rwandan Muslims are sent to Arab countries to study and return as well-educated Muslim cadres. Muslims get to hold positions in government. Church leaders must be aware of their strategies and seek unity in the faith and be prepared apologetically to stand up for the truth and expose the lie.  Believers need to be prepared to give an answer (apologia-Gr) for the hope they have.



We need to remember the Lord of all’s promise, ” I will build my church and the gates of hell (or Islam) shall not prevail against it.”





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