Middle East Reformed Fellowship latest.

Faithful, Fruitful and Cost-effective Indigenous Missions in Action!


In attached July MERF News – Sulawesi Indonesia Update  Pastor Armin Sukri tells how Christ is being glorified in multiple ministries throughout a major Indonesian island and surrounding smaller ones. Also available for download at: powerofchristatwork.net.

Somali gospel radio broadcaster, Hadjinoor, is stablized after serious illness, pray for his full recovery and for his efforts to proclaim Christ to the lost and to ground new Somali believers in God’s Word.
Syrian Pastors risking their lives to minister to the sick, elderly and destitute unable to leave wartorn Aleppo, Syria. Pro-Islamic states of Saudi Arabia, Qatar & Turkey seem to support ISIS forces trying to take this city where tens of thousands of Christians still live.
South Sudanese & others complete the MERF biblical training course at Lokichoggio, Kenya this month and return to share Christ’s peace in their conflict-ridden communities.

Arabic Online Radio continues to reach many. Encouraging contacts are established with a growing number of disenchanted young Muslims in Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Egypt and Algeria.
Thank you for praying for and sharing with other interested Christians.

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