UK assisted suicide bill.


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MPs overwhelmingly reject assisted suicide bill

MPs vote 330 – 118 against Rob Marris’ dangerous assisted suicide bill
MPs have overwhelmingly rejected Rob Marris’ assisted suicide bill.
In the first vote on the issue in the House of Commons for nearly 20 years, MPs voted against the bill by a margin of 212.
The scale of this victory will make it harder for assisted suicide campaigners to argue that assisted suicide proposals should be revisited soon.
Thank you for taking action.

‘Thank you for taking action and praying’

The House of Commons is usually very quiet on a Friday. Yet today nearly 450 MPs were present to vote. The number of MPs who wished to speak was described by the Deputy Speaker as “unprecedented” for a debate of this type.
MPs were convinced that they needed to be there. Thank you for all that you did to encourage them to attend and to vote against the bill. 
Thank you too for praying, for telling others and for donating to Christian Concern, enabling us to play our part in opposing the bill.
We praise God for this historic success. 

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