INDIA – Women beaten unconscious in raid on prayer meeting


Hindu extremists launched a vicious attack on a prayer meeting in Jharkhand state which left six Christians needing hospital treatment. One woman aged in her 60s was beaten unconscious.

Please pray for our brothers and sisters in Jharkhand state where militants have apparently stepped up their persecution of Christians in recent months.

In what was one of the worst attacks, extremists armed with guns, axes, spades and clubs attacked the prayer meeting in Hututag village, Palamu district, earlier this month.

The assault began when Hindus entered a home where members of Anugrah (Grace) Church had gathered, and started insulting them. They demanded that the meeting stop, but the Christians refused.

Later, 15 extremists surrounded the house and demanded to see the pastor Sarvajit Bharti whom members had hidden on the roof. When they could not find Pastor Sarvajit, the extremists attacked church members, beating two women, one aged 60, unconscious and leaving others seriously injured.  At least six needed hospital treatment.

‘Since April of this year we have been pressured to choose between Christ and our lives,’ says Pastor Sarvajit, who had to relocate from the village in July.

Across the state Christians have faced intimidation, discrimination and death threats since July, in what appears to be a concerted campaign by Hindu extremists to drive them out.

  • Please pray that God will strengthen the faith of His people in Jharkhand so they will stand firm in the face of intense pressure. Pray especially for those who were injured in the attack.
  • Pray that Christians across India will know God’s peace and presence in new ways and that converts to Christianity would not be tempted to turn back to Hinduism when they face opposition.
  • Pray that Narendra Modi, the Indian Prime Minister, will keep his pledge earlier this year to uphold religious rights and take firm action to defend India’s Christian minority against extremists.

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