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Dear all,

Firstly let me thank you for your ongoing support and prayers. God has been working miracles in our ministry and we are pleased to announce that as a result of our report on Pakistan and the fate of Pak-Christian asylum seekers in Thailand, the UK Home office have agreed to review their position for Pak-Christians. You can read more in the posts below.

We also have had a request from a national newspaper for details of any Pak-Christian asylum seeker who has failed an application due to malpractice or error by the UK Border Agency/Home Office.  If you fit this profile, then please get in contact with us this week, as it will help us gain momentum in our attempts to bring change.

Kind regards

Wilson Chowdhry

Chairman British Pakistani Christian Association

Tel: 020 8514 0861


With your help we hope to change the lives of Millions of Christians in Pakistan.   

Thanks to your support, prayers and donations, we have been able to increase our humanitarian work which resulted in approval of our most recent Charitable application. BRITISH PAKISTANI CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION is now a trading name for BRITISH PAKISTANI CHRISTIANS LTD which is a charity entered onto the Register of Charities with the Registered Charity Number 1163363

BPCA Partnership Prevents Pak-Christians’ Detainment at Brutal Central Jail

  • Thursday, October 08, 2015
  • by BPCA Admin

On Wednesday 6th October, Royal Thai police arrested 26 Pakistani Christian asylum seekers, including children, from an area called Pracha Songkhro 28 in Bangkok. The terrified families were arrested very late at night from a condo called Phasuk mansion, taken to Huai Khwang police station and from there will eventually be transferred to the Immigration Detention Centre (IDC). Due to an extremely slow processing time none of these suffering families have ever been assessed for asylum determination by the UNHCR, and in fact many of them have assessment interviews scheduled for up to two years from now, a dismaying and unacceptable delay which has left them extremely vulnerable. (Read full story here) 

BPCA reconstructs way of life for impoverished Christians of Kasur

  • Wednesday, October 07, 2015
  • by Wilson Chowdhry

BPCA build large plinth and new brick homes for Christians previously living in mud homes.

During the first week of August 2015 there was extensive flooding in Kasur, Pakistan, caused by heavy rainfall and the callous opening of Indian dams into the river Sutlej. The inundation destroyed over 100 acres of crops in the locality and caused severe damage to several villages including Ganda Singhwala and Bhikki vind, communities that the BPCA felt led to help.

On 8th August the BPCA team assessed the impact of the deluge on the Christian communities living in the area. We found poor health associated with general lack of medical care, and the influx of stagnant water bringing the risk of water-borne illnesses, a major concern. We also prioritised the loss of seven homes due to feeble structure and a lack of food due to the health and safety risk. On previous visits we distributed food packages (click here) and we also held the BPCA’s first ever outreach event, which was well attended. BPCA also set up a medical camp that was extremely successful and popular resulting in many visitors for neighbouring towns, many of whom had never previously visited a medical professional before. (Click here) (Read full story here)

UK Home Office to review guidance relating to Pak-Christians after BPCA report.

  • Tuesday, October 06, 2015
  • by Wilson Chowdhry

Lord Alton meets with Wilson Chowdhry and a delegation of Pak-Christians in Thailand
Please sign our petition (click here)

Last evening (Monday 5th October) the UK Home Office agreed to at least review its guidance around the situation facing Pakistani Christians and to consider the latest report from the British Pakistani Christian Association (BPCA) entitledEducation, Human Rights Violations and the Scandal involving UNHCR and Asylum Seekers in Thailand. In a formal response to a question in the House of Lords tabled 19 September 2015 by Lord Alton, Lord Bates, responded on behalf of the Home Office. (view question and answer at bottom of page)

Lord Alton had asked what assessment the government had made of the findings of the BPCA report and review the risk of persecution of Christians in Pakistan and update their guidance document Pakistan : Christians and Christian converts. Lord Bates responded that the Home Office would be considering the report “alongside a range of other material to make a full assessment of the situation of Christians in Pakistan, and will revise its country information and guidance if necessary” whilst noting issues in Thailand were primarily the responsibility of the Thai government. (Read full story here) 

Ailing Scottish Father Enlists BPCA to Help Search for Missing Daughter in Pakistan

  • Tuesday, October 06, 2015
  • by Wilson Chowdhry

Rev Harrison Summit, Jimmy Gunn Leader of Let’s Find Alison Campaign, BPCA’s Wilson Chowdhry, Hannah Chowdhry and Alison Houghton

The British Pakistani Christian Association are helping relaunch a campaign to find Alison MacDonald who went missing thirty years ago on the border of India and Pakistan. Alison’s family have never given up hope of finding their daughter alive, despite the length of time that has passed, as they believe that a vision her father Reverend Kenny MacDonald had of meeting his daughter will come to fruition.

Alison was brought up in the Free Church of Scotland, of which her father is an ordained minister, and had a strong Christian faith. At the time of her disappearance she was a student and had travelled to India with her friend Liz Merry, as she believed God was calling her to serve Him in India and visiting would give her confirmation of this. The two friends arrived in Kashmir on 7th August 1981 and during their travels they visited the city of Srinagar, in the state of Jammu and Kasmir. They left there on 17th August 1981 and continued to Sonamarg (northern India) where they stayed in the Glacier Guest House. It was at this point that they agreed to separate for a few days as Liz wished to go on a guided pony trek up the Kolahoi glacier, Alison preferring to stay in Sonamarg. It was whilst Liz was away Alison went missing and she was last seen at a bridge near the border with Pakistan. She was only 19 years old at the time. (Read full story here)

Brave Christian woman who lost baby in Muslim attack continues to fight for justice!

  • Tuesday, September 29, 2015
  • by Wilson Chowdhry

Naveed Aziz with Elishba Bibi

Shamim Masih


After a violent attack on an expectant Christian mother who lost her child due to the severity of the attack, humanitarians and lawyers are calling for justice. The incident which occurred in November last year was based on the apparent untouchable status of Christians (Read more).

The vicious attack involved Elishba being hit with metal poles while other men watched and jeered after an altercation with clients. The argument began after Elishba who provides beautician services asked for the fees for her service from a woman called Rani and her daughter-in-law, who Elishba had just completed work on. They refused to pay and Rani called her sons to attack Elishba who she said had insulted her and should not be able to speak to this way a Muslim. The sons then stripped Elishba naked and publicly humiliated her whilst beating her with metal poles. The BPCA visited soon after the incident and Elishba recalled the attack, she said:

“I was deeply embarrassed at being being stripped naked so publicly the men had no thought of my honour”. Elishba showed some of the scars on her legs from her brutal attack, these were not her worst injuries. Sadly she also described how the Muslim men beat her stomach when she told them that she was pregnant, the two assailants told her “Christian children are no better then faeces” as they murdered the embryo within her. (Read more)

In addition to her child Elishba lost her phone, one weeks wages and gold jewellery which in total amounted to around £400 – these items were stolen by Rani’s sons. Other Muslim men threw stones at her and laughed as she ran naked from the area. A Christian woman from the local area took her into her home, and covered her with some spare clothes.

On November 19, 2014, Elishba Bibi, resident of Dagei, Jadeed Christian colony, Rana Town, submitted an application at the Police Station (PS) Ferozwala, Distt. Sheikhopura against Mubeen Gondal, Muneeb Gondal, Mahjabeen daughter of Mushtaq and Rani Bibi daughter of Mushtaq, stating that Rani Bibi, Mahjabeen, Muneeb Gondal and Mubeen Gondal had beaten her in the street, torn her clothes off and made her stand naked in the street.

During the attack Elishba alleged that the group of assailants had beaten her badly and snatched Rs.10,000, a gold chain and her mobile. In her application to the police she explained that villagers in the street had seen the whole incident and that they had rescued her from a potentially more dire consequence.

Elishba submited her application to register a First Investigation Report (FIR) against the attackers, however as per usual police insouciance, poor administration and deliberate malintent meant that FIR No. 1220/14 under section PPC 354 (assault and use of force on a woman with the intention of shaming her modesty) and PPC 379 (theft), favoured the culprits and the case was dismissed during initial local court proceedings.

It transpires that the culprits had friendly relations with the local authorities, Police and even a PML-N parliamentarian. Knowing that their wealth and associations placed them in a place of strength the cheeky perpetrator of the attack on poor Elishba, Rani Bibi submitted a counter-application in Police Station Ferozwala against Elishba and six other persons, who had appeared as witnesses for her.

Brave Elishba was not satisfied with the investigation made by the local police and fought against the counter-claim laid by Rana Bibi. A hurdle that few thought she would succeed with due to their obvious power and influence, and the weight of history in similar claims. (Read full story here)

Islamic Clerics Fight to Keep Pakistan’s Blasphemy Laws That Persecute Christians: ‘Those Who Insult Muhammad Deserve to Be Killed’

  • Tuesday, September 29, 2015
  • by Wilson Chowdhry

Aftab Bahadur (RIP) at 15 when he was convicted of a double murder – he always professed his innocence.

By Simon Wilson

Pakistani lawmakers met to consider legislation to reform the nation’s corrupt blasphemy laws during at a 6pm seminar at Lahore Iqbal Library 12th September 2015. During the meeting Islamic clerics vented frustration towards the government of Pakistan for even considering such an option, and are calling for the release of the murderer of the former Punjab Governor Salman Taseer, who advocated for blasphemy reform in 2011.

The seminar, which was attended by 10 Muslim scholars and a former Pakistani judge, gathered at a “seminar for protection of the prophet’s dignity” and expressed their concern over the proposed legislation that is attempting to add the word “intention” to the nation’s blasphemy law.

Speaking at the seminar was former Pakistani justice Mian Nazir Akhtar, who represents Mumtaz Qadri, the bodyguard who assassinated Punjab Governor Salman Taseer for his stance against Pakistan’s blasphemy laws. Akhtar opposed any proposed change to existing legislation and asserted that those who insult the Muslim prophet Muhammad deserve to be killed and “sent to hell.”(Read full story here)

Save Pak-Christians

Save Pak-Christians


Opened on September 13, 2015

We call upon the UK Home Office to change its completely false and deceptive official policy on the situation of Pakistani Christians, in which it claims that Christians generally merely suffer ‘discrimination’ but not ‘persecution’.  The official policy is particularly outrageous in view of the fact that it is used by many other countries and the UNHCR itself to deny refuge to Pakistani Christians facing horrific persecution.  We call on the Home Office to change the guidance to reflect the up to date reality that Pakistan has been independently judged the 8th worst country in the world for being a Christian, facing repeated attacks on churches, on homes, murders, beatings, police torture and brutality, lynchings, burning alive for their faith, false blasphemy charges and imprisonment, kidnap, slave labour, rape and in some cases sexual slavery on a massive scale.  We call on them to recognize that in the vast majority of cases, internal relocation is not at all safe, and that such Christians need refuge in democratic countries of the West, including the UK.

British Peer, Lord Alton of Liverpool, an extremely knowledgeable and active campaigner for religious freedom and human rights, said:

‘Whoever at the Home Office wrote this statement should be sent to live in Pakistan with a Christian family. If a systematic campaign of bombings, killings, the burning alive of people and their homes, the rape and forced marriage of Christian girls, and a systematic campaign whipping up hatred doesn’t amount to persecution it is hard to imagine what would have to happen before the Home Office described it as persecution.’

Petition Creator Wilson Chowdhry, Chairman British Pakistani Christian Association


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