Christian Family Almost Lynched Following Father Collecting Water from Mosque’s Tap


ICC Note:

A Christian family in Pakistan was nearly lynched by local Muslims after the father was confronted for collecting water from a mosque’s tap. According to local sources, the mosque’s tap is the village’s only source of clean water. When local Muslims discovered the Christian man was collecting water from the tap, they told him that he would only be allowed to collect water from the mosque if he converted to Islam. When the Christian and his sons refused, a mob was gathered and the Christian family was beat.

10/13/2015 Pakistan (Christian Post) – A Pakistani Christian man and his family were forced to flee from their home to escape the wrath of an enraged Muslim mob after he was accused of blasphemy during an altercation over water with a group of Muslim men.

According to the British Pakistani Christian Association, the accused Christian man, 40-year-old Aftab Gill and his family from the Wazirabad area of Punjab province, regularly collected their home’s water supply from the local mosque’s tap — just like many others in the community.

As the mosque’s water tap is the only real clean supply available to the community, Gill, who cares for his five children, was drawing water on Aug. 14 when he was told by a Muslim man that Christians were not allowed to draw from the tap unless they accepted Islam.

“You Christians are not allowed to take water from the mosque,” the man shouted to Gill. “If you want to drink our water, you must embrace Islam and pray regularly inside the mosque. Otherwise evil infidels defile our water taps.”

Earlier that day, two of Gill sons, 12-year-old Akash and 5-year-old Adnan, were approached by an 18-year-old Muslim named Zain Shah, and he told them to convert to Islam. However, the kids refused to renounce their love for Jesus.

BPCA reports that a couple days later, Shah and other Muslim men approached Gill’s sons and demanded they convert to Islam. When Akash refused, Shah slapped him.

Seeing his son being physically assaulted, Gill intervened and said: “You failed to convert Baba Guru Nanak [Founder of Sikh faith] so why pursue converting my children who follow the true and living God?”

Shah and his accomplices then began to beat Gill and his sons until the local police intervened to stop the altercation. Subsequently, Shah and his brother gathered a mob of over 200 men. Later that day, the mob went to the Gill home and tried to kill the family. Again, police intervened to protect the Christian family.

According to BPCA, elder members of the Christian community met with the local Muslim cleric who explained that he would do his best to prevent the religious tension in the town from escalating any further. However, he warned that it would be in the Gill family’s best interest if Gill were to leave the town.

Respecting the cleric’s advice, Gill and his family fled the town, leaving his mother, Bashiran Bibi, behind to live in the family’s home alone.

“Life for Christians in Pakistan is now worse than ever. We are attacked daily and treated worse than rats. Muslims do not want us as their neighbors because they believe we are evil and have satanic diseases,” Bibi told BPCA.


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