700 Kenyans Quit Al-Shabaab, Return Home

10/21/2015 Somalia
700 Kenyan men have quietly returned to their native country after leaving the Islamic terrorist group known as Al-Shabaab in Somalia. Reports indicate they have returned home because the deals which they were promised were not as lucrative as they believed. Many of the 700 men are between the ages of 24-35, with many returning injured and maimed. Many in Kenya fear that although they have “quit” the terrorist organization, they have returned home with military training and likely a radicalized ideology. Regardless of their true intentions, Christian communities in Kenya will be weary of their reintegration into society as Al-Shabaab is notorious for targeting Christians and other religious minorities.
  • Praise God for the return of the 700 Kenyan man that are returning to their families and homes. May they renounce violence and radical Islam.
  • Pray that the returning men will repent for their ways and turn to Christ.
  • Pray for Christian village leaders during this time of transition; pray that they will be able to help love the returning men and win their hearts to Christ

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