Christian headteacher assaulted by ‘jealous’ colleagues

October 23, 2015 PAKISTAN

Every one who assaulted him should be immediately sacked!


Please pray for our Pakistani brother in Christ, Saddique Azam (right), a headteacher in Punjab who has been left badly injured after being assaulted by work colleagues.
Other teachers at Pernawa Government High School in Kasur district are reported to have resented Saddique’s promotion over them. They had first pressured him to resign and then tried to control him. But Saddique refused to be intimidated.
Tensions flared when Saddique refused a teacher’s request to write a falsified account justifying two days’ absence. Four days later, Muslim teachers rounded on Saddique, kicking and punching him and seriously injuring his left eye. Three teachers were arrested – but no case has been registered against them. Saddique continues to receive threats.
Local media quoted his colleagues as saying they refused to accept the authority of a Choora, a derogatory term referring to poor Christian road-sweepers.

  • Please pray that God will heal and protect Saddique, and enable him to continue his work as a headteacher.
  • Pray that parents and community leaders in the area Saddique’s school serves will give him their backing and take a stand against this discrimination.
  • Pray that justice will be done for Saddique and Christians across Pakistan. The legal and judicial systems can often seem to discriminate against Christians, who are treated as second-class citizens.

(Source: Morning Star News)

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