Filipinos doing outreach poisoned.

I ask you to all to say a prayer for my good pastor friend whose 3 team members got attacked with poisoned water by evil Muslims seeking to stop their evangelism outreach in Mindanao Island Philippines! May God have mercy on the ones who did this and they find repentance and faith before judgement day! God does not take lightly those who attack his chosen saints!

About-Face Missions's photo.
About-Face Missions's photo.

Friend’s. Urgent prayer request for 3 saints of the Gospel!
I failed to mention earlier that pastor DV in Mindanao Philippines took his evangelism team into the dangerous Muslim region of the Island to do evangelism and lead many to faith in Jesus Christ. Unfortunately the demons hold sway in many hearts there and some evil person chose to poison water and give it to some of Daryl’s team. 4 drank and now 3 are hospitalized fighting for their lives!!

Please pray for these 3 who need healing now! Pray for their healing and that the seeds of this mission invested will bloom into a new vibrant Church growing among the darkness of this Muslim community.

Lord God, may the suffering for your name sake not be in vain among these Filipinos I pray in Jesus name.


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