Hindu radicals persecute and Christian ministry blessing as a result.

Christians Beaten by Radicals for Refusing to Convert

The Christians of Beersheba Church in Madota were cruelly beaten up by the Hindu radicals on 25th of Oct 2014 in Baster district of Chhattisgarh for refusing to “reconvert to Hinduism”. A mob of 400 Hindu radicals beat the Christians with iron rods and wooden lathies, leaving seven Christians half dead.

Many of the Christians of Madota, particularly men, used to work at construction sites and a rock crusher in the village. Those Christians who did not reconvert to Hinduism were denied work at the crusher and other construction sites. Reportedly, the Hindu radicals have threatened the owner of the crusher and other construction sites to not give employment to those who remained Christians in the village. Being barred from this work has left them unable to provide for their families and considering leaving Madota.

ICC set up small scale businesses for the Christians of Madota to help them become self-sustaining and able to support their families. We provided them with items such as weighing machines, grocery items, food stuffs, cycle tiers and other related items to set up the cycle repair shop, and a sewing machine to set up a tailoring shop. One of the men from the village, Mr. Mangal Mandavi, said “I am a proud owner of a business that gives me dignity and a livelihood, when we were socially boycotted. God has helped us through ICC. We are just not happy, but we are thrilled of our Christian faith. Thank you for remembering and praying for us.” Please pray that each business started through ICC will be successful and that God would bless the Christian business owners from Madota. Learn more about how ICC is helping the persecuted: http://ow.ly/TNUkH

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