Some good prayers for the U.S.A.

Texas Teen Says Teacher Told Students to Deny God in Assignment or Fail



10/28/2015 United States (Christian News Network)
According to reports, a seventh grade student, Jordan Wooley, of a Texas junior high school was told by her teacher to deny God or fail an assignment. The assignment had students label statements as either facts or opinions and one of the statements at hand was, “There is a God.” When Wooley and multiple other students objected to the teacher by saying that it was a fact, they were told that they would fail the assignment unless they changed their answers. After an investigation took place, the assignment was eliminated, but the teacher claims that she was unfairly vilified and her intentions were misconstrued.
  • Pray for a great reformation across the nation, in our churches and throughout fabric of America
  • Pray for a restoration of the principles presented, of biblical standards and ethics in America’s education system
  • Pray for the Godly foundations to be restored in our government, in Education, in our families, and every area of our culture – along with righteousness, honor, truth and the fear of the Lord

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