Persecution of Pakistani Christians Reaches Across Continents

What an indictment of this whole nation!



(Voice of the Persecuted) A small child lying lifeless on a beach face down, Christians slaughtered—their body parts strewn by those who attack in the most barbaric, evil way. Millions flee war torn countries and an evil ideology, while governments vie for control. Images of refugees and the internally displaced from Iraq, Syria, Nigeria and beyond have been burned into our memories forever.

It’s more than a movement, revolution, civil war, or extremism joining forces to wreak havoc across the planet.

Often we hear persecution of Christians comes at the hands of radicals or extremists, not by the religion of Islam. Lost in the migrant crisis is the fact Christians are persecuted in Islamic nations, even banned from entering areas and forbidden places of worship. So called political correctness has placed a veil over the fact that Sharia is used as tool for the abuse of Christians, other religious minorities and women—an instigator of persecution.

Islamic countries like Saudi…

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