UZBEKISTAN – Police stop Christian mothers from feeding babies

December 1, 2015


Please pray for a group of Christians in the Uzbek capital, Tashkent, who were detained and tortured after police raided their worship meeting in a private home.
Among those held for nine hours were several nursing mothers who were prevented from feeding their babies until they had signed statements against their host, Sarvar Zhuliyev.
During their detention last month, three of the Christians were slapped; another was hit and kicked in the head and abdomen. All were denied access to water or a toilet.
The 12 adult detainees, and some of the older children held with them, were forced to sign statements against Zhuliyev, declaring that he had ‘taught them the faith of Jesus Christ’. Police also confiscated Christian literature, money and personal items.
The church members were later convicted and fined for ‘administrative offences’ relating to religious materials and religious teaching.
The raid was apparently prompted by reports from a headteacher that two of his pupils had been sharing their Christian faith with other children. Police questioned the two pupils about their church connections: local Christians say the pair were acting on their own initiative.

  • Please pray that God will protect and strengthen all the Christians arrested in Tashkent.
  • Pray that the children caught up in this raid would know God’s peace.
  • Pray that the Uzbek authorities take firm action to ensure officers of the law respect and uphold religious rights for all citizens.

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