Persecution in Norway

Unfortunately, this is not the first time a child, or children, has been taken from their parents in Norway under circumstances which appear as completely out-of-order and against all common sense.

There have been complaints made in the recent past by Czech, Russian and Indian parents about the fostering system in Norway. And, in each of those cases, the embassies of each respective country have been involved.

However, this appears to be the first case in which so-called “Christian radicalisation” has been made a criterion by the Norwegian Government in the seizing of children.

When non-abusive parents teach and instruct their children in the way of Christ, it is wrong for the state to make an issue of it.

Again, it is wrong and, in fact, a violation of genuine human rights – namely, the right to freedom of religion and the inalienable right and duty of parents to be the primary and principal educators of their children, particularly where knowledge and love of God and neighbour are concerned.

In that context, we call on the Norwegian Government to reverse their decision and restore the Bodnariu children to their parents.

Please sign this urgent petition now. Thank you!


Recent reports about the treatment of the Bodnariu Family, by Norway’s Child Welfare Service, are distressing.According to several media reports, Norway’s Child Welfare Service, the Barnevernet, removed the family’s five children (including a nursing baby) from their parents, alleging, “Christian radicalisation and indoctrination.” Also alleged against them was the discipline of their children by spanking, which is forbidden in Norway.

When the state apparatus began its action against the Bodnariu Family, social service agents first seized the couple’s two daughters, then their two sons, and subsequently their baby. All of the children, except for the baby, were taken by the state, without the parents’ knowledge, and hidden in an undisclosed location.

This petition, which goes to the Norwegian Minister for Children, as well as to the US Ambassador-at-Large for Religious Freedom and the EU’s High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security, calls on the Norwegian Government to immediately reunite the Bodnariu Family.

Please sign here:
Even after the parents were detained and interrogated for several hours by authorities, they were set free. And, no documentation of abuse or otherwise has ever been levelled against the Bodnariu parents.

Now, even if the spanking allegations are true, the Child Welfare Service of Norway’s own website states the following: “The Child Welfare Services’ first duty is to provide help and support to the parents so that they can be good carers for their children.”

In this case, it seems as though the “first duty”, “to provide help and support to the parents,” was summarily and unjustly dispensed with.

Instead, there appears to be a chilling focus on the religious upbringing of the Bodnariu’s children, as, perhaps, “an insurmountable problem” to the state.

This should not be so. Non-abusive parents – as every indication the Bodnariu parents are – should be first given the opportunity to make amends, if necessary. In cases like these, the hand of the Government is neither tolerant nor loving, but illiberal and destructive.

Please sign this petition, to ask that the Bodnariu’s children be immediately returned to them:
The very notion, that the state should intervene in such a draconian and disproportionate manner, based on (even, if in part), the religious upbringing of their children, is frightening and wrong.

This is a form of religious persecution which should be officially protested by the US and the EU, and sanctioned if necessary.

Thank you for supporting Life, Family and Freedom – no matter where!

Yours faithfully,

Scott Schittl and the whole team at CitizenGO

PS – For more information on this case – and other similar state-family disputes in Norway – please click on the petition page, and then please sign this petition. Thank you!








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