Mission to Unreached Peoples

Despite this guy representing a Pentecostal denomination, what he says needs adopted by every protestant denomination including ours.




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The overall goal is churches of disciples planted among all people groups (Rev.5:9) in line with Paul’s personal ambition (Rom.15:20) and Old Testament prophecy and New Testament teaching.

This ought to be the church’s priority in mission.

An Unreached People Group has less than 2% evangelical believers and is unable to evangelise its own people hence needs outside catalysts.

The strength of the spear comes from the whole shaft.

Partnership is necessary and vital comprising:


Mission team e.g. Paul, Barnabas etc. (ordained and lay)

Sending church e.g. Antioch

Parachurch e.g. Bible school/seminary-foreign or at home

Administrators e.g. mission committee/finance.

Supporters (at home) who pray, give and mobilise (visit field).

Every believer should have his/her “fingerprints on the spear.”


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