Discrimination in the world’s largest democracy

International Christian Concern Calls for End to Bans on Christianity in India

12/18/2015 India (International Christian Concern)

International Christian Concern has launched a petition calling on the Indian government to end bans on the practice of Christianity in over 50 villages in India’s Chhattisgarh state. In June of 2014, almost 50 villages passed local resolutions banning the practice of all non-Hindu faiths, specifically targeting hundreds of Christian families in the area. Since then, Christians living in those villages have faced physical assaults, social boycotts, and extreme pressure to convert to Hinduism. Please join ICC in standing up for these persecuted Christians in India by signing our petition.
  • Pray for the 50 Christian villages in India that have been targeted for their faith
  • Pray that Prime Minister Modi will specifically address the banning of Christianity in the 50 villages across India’s Chhattisgarh state
  • Pray that this petition will garner international attention to highlight India’s abuse of religious freedom

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