Fulani gunmen

Please pray for our brothers and sisters in Nigeria’s Plateau state where gunmen have killed 15 Christians.
Fulani militants attacked two homes in Hwak Kwata-Zawan village near Jos on December 13. They also raided a compound where people displaced by violence elsewhere in the state had sought refuge.
In one home, a grandmother, Rose Monday, died trying to defend her three grandchildren. Two of the three children died: they were aged one and three. Their five-year-old sister, Anna, is being treated in hospital for gunshot wounds.
In the other house, Gyang Christopher Choji managed to escape but his son, his daughter and his daughter’s entire family were killed. Seven people died in the compound where people displaced from Bachi were living.
Gunmen had apparently visited earlier that day to survey the village while most people were at church – and had even asked local children for water.
(Source: Morning Star News)

  • Pray that God will comfort friends and relatives of those who died in Hwak Kwata-Zawan.
  • Pray that next year will see a breakthrough in efforts to end extremism and violence in Nigeria. Continue to pray for wisdom and resolve for Nigeria’s Government and that militants and extremists will lay down their arms.
  • Ask God to protect those who attend church services over Christmas – in Nigeria and across the world.

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