Boko Haram Violence Forces One Million Children Out of School: U.N.


12/24/2015 Nigeria (Thomson Reuters Foundation)
Children are victims of Boko Haram, even if they aren’t directly killed, kidnapped or injured by the militant Islamists. As a result of a calamitous and deadly six-year insurgency in the Lake Chad and northern Nigeria region, Boko Haram has murdered upwards of 15,000 people, most of whom are Christians, has displaced more than two million, and has destroyed more than 2,000 schools, leaving more than a million children without education. The ones who survive are often forced into displacement camp scenarios wheres scores of children pack into semi-permanent structures where insufficient numbers of volunteer teachers try to teach kids of all ages bunched under the same curriculum. Lack of education leaves an entire generation of kids vulnerable to lack of opportunity, abuse, and recruitment by Boko Haram.
  • Pray that Nigeria will be able to stop Boko Haram and its acts of terror in the country
  • Pray for Christians in Nigeria; pray that God would provide food, jobs, and homes for many Christians who struggle to survive in the country because of their faith
  • Pray that children in Nigeria who have been forced from their schools will be able to return and continue their education

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