Please pray for our brothers and sisters in Sudan where three church leaders have been arrested.



Pastor Reith previously detained.

Last month security officials detained Telahoon Nogose Kassa who is head of discipleship at Khartoum Bahri Evangelical Church.
Telahoon belongs to the same church as Peter Yein Reith and Yat Michael, the two pastors cleared of capital crimes at a Khartoum court in August (Prayer Alert, August 6). All three church leaders had opposed government attempts to sell off church property.
A fourth member of the church, Pastor Hafez Mengisto, is on trial after challenging workers as they demolished parts of the church in July. A similar charge against the church’s lawyer, Mohaned Mustafa, has been dismissed.
No reason has been given for Telahoon’s arrest but he was questioned for five days about his links with a foreign missionary. His parents have been allowed to visit him, just once.
Two other Sudanese pastors, Kowa Shamaal and Hassan Abdelrahim, were arrested at their homes in or near Khartoum on December 18 (Prayer Alert, December 21). They too have objected to the demolition of church buildings, this time of Sudan Church of Christ property.

  • Please pray that all charges against the Sudanese pastors will be dropped.
  • Pray that members of Khartoum Bahri Evangelical Church will continue to spread the Gospel, despite intense persecution.
  • Pray that the Government of Sudan will end its crackdown on church leaders.
  • Pray that Sudanese officials will start to see Christians as good citizens, not trouble-makers.

(Sources: Middle East Concern; Morning Star News)

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