SAEED ABEDINI RELEASED along with other 3 Americans!!! Let us Praise GOD alone!!! #freesaeed

Praise God who shuts and no man opens and opens and no man can shut! After He has tried us he brings us forth as gold.





We have just received word Saeed Abedini and the other 3 Americans have bee released. More details to follow.

PRAISE GOD! He has changed the hearts of men and answered our prayers!!! Our GOD is faithful, let us honor no one else but HIM!

Throughout his imprisonment Pastor Saeed has faced intense abuse and mistreatment from Iranian officials. The release of Pastor Saeed is an answer to prayer for millions of Christians around the world who have gathered for prayer vigils, protests, and signed petitions to advocate on behalf of their release.
Pastor Saeed became emblematic of not only the tensions between Iran and the United States, but also of the hostility of the Iranian regime towards Christianity in the Islamic Republic of Iran. More than 90 Christians currently remain in prison or are awaiting trial for charges related to their faith, according to the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom.
ICC has worked alongside the Abedini family to advocate on their behalf and help to share their story, see the “Saving Naghmeh” article from February 2015.

Todd Daniels, Regional Manager for the Middle East said, “We are rejoicing this morning with the Abedini family and Christians around the world over the release of Pastor Saeed from prison after more than three years solely for his faith. This is a huge day of celebration and the culmination of many long efforts of advocacy on his behalf. We are grateful for the efforts of the U.S. State Department and other entities involved in this case. We also rejoice with the global body of Christ who have prayed and spoken on Saeed’s behalf in so many ways. We urge the Iranian government to continue to take steps to not only release American citizens but to protect the basic rights of their own citizens. Iranians of all faiths should be free to believe as they will and meet with others who share those beliefs, including the very same beliefs for which Pastor Saeed was imprisoned. The efforts on behalf of persecuted Christians, both in Iran and around the world, have not stopped.

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