Kolkota CERC.

C.E.R.C. Mission work

Kolkota CERC

Meet Emmanuel and Sonali Singh, Covenant Evangelical Reformed Church, Kolkota 15-20 people meet.



Helpers are Abhijit Chakraborty, Anup Kumar Bera, Sudip Halder who is very much involved in church activities, and Brother Bideh Adhikari is a great help in our translation work into Bengali, done almost all ecumenical creeds. Anup did translation of HC and now Bideh is doing  Canons of Dort and Belgic Confession. Other mission outposts are Pachua Khali, two hours from Kolkata by car, Bible study with a group of 20+ each month. Moyna, another farming village about three hours from Kolkata, Bible study with a group of 30+ each month. A subcommittee of C.E.R.C. Session Skype ES in Reformed confessions. Emmanuel and Pastor Lanning study Church Order Tuesday mornings.  

Emmanuel leads the worship service each Sunday, working through the Heidelberg Catechism. Emmanuel is also leading several Bible Studies with new contacts in order to develop their understanding of the truth.  

carey beng


Above: (L) William Carey who first translated New Testament into Bengali.   Some verses in Bengali.

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