Persecution magazine (ICC).

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Persecution’s effect is complex. Yes, it strengthens the body and sometimes creates living saints. But most of the time, the cost for that growth is not something you or I would be willing to pay.
So as we go about our blessedly safe lives, remember that another died that we should live. Pardoned and set free, we must live with a purpose and escape the Western curses of narcissism and materialism. Remember your broken brother and sister.
Please come with me to pick them up. Together, we will stoop down and lift their arm over our shoulders and carry them
for a while.

We cannot take away their pain, but we can weep with them, ease their way and even carry them when they can
only fall.
God draws close to the brokenhearted (Psalm 34:18), and so, therefore, should we.
The persecuted are worth your time, treasure and talents.

Jeff King

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