This is appalling.

1 Year Later No Justice for Christian Missionaries Brutally Raped and Murdered by Burmese Army

ICC NOTE: One year ago two Kachin Christian missionaries aged 20 and 21 were brutally raped and murdered by the Burmese military. There bodies were found mutilated in Kaung Kha village, Shan State with evidence of military involvement as they were in a region occupied by the Burmese army. No charges or any real form of investigation was conducted as according to rights groups, the entire incident was a “systematic cover-up” to protect the military. For those who attempted to accuse the military of the rape and murder they were threatened with legal action by investigators who determined after only 10 days there was no sign of military involvement. Rights groups in Myanmar continue to advocate for justice as they hope the new democratic government will launch an impartial investigation. 

Kachin Girls

2/5/2016 Burma (Free Burma Rangers) – One year later, Free Burma Rangers (FBR) would like to once again acknowledge the brutal rape and murder of two Kachin missionaries named Maran Lu Ra, age 20, and Tangbau Hkawn Nan Tsin, age 21, by the members of the Burma Army in Kaung Kha Village. Parallel to the statements made by the news organization The Irrawaddy, Free Burma Rangers contacts within Kachin State have noted a lack of accountability by the Burma government with regard to the case. None of the perpetrators have been identified or brought to justice, and official independent inquiries have been barred from examining the evidence. Below is the report we sent out last year containing witness testimonies and further details.

Free Burma Rangers is committed to reporting the truth in Burma. Maran Lu Ra and Tangbau Kwan Nan Tsin may be dead, but FBR will make sure that neither they, nor those who continue to be oppressed in Burma, are ever forgotten.

Full report (distressing pictures)

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