KENYA – Somali Christian beaten unconscious by relatives

Please pray for Hassan, a Somali Christian living in Kenya, who is seriously ill in hospital after Muslim relatives beat him unconscious.
Twenty-six-year-old Hassan is unable to see, walk or eat after the assault ten days ago. He was ambushed as he walked to church on the outskirts of Nairobi, with his 15-year-old brother. His attackers said they’d heard he had been meeting with other Christians for midweek prayer and devotions.
This is the second time in five years that Hassan has been attacked: in October 2011, he was left for dead after Somali Muslims beat him brutally when they learnt some of his family had turned to Christ.
Hassan says his Muslim relatives and other Somalis monitor his movements constantly.
Hassan was raised as a Christian but most Somalis believe that to be Somali is to be a Muslim. His mother, a widow with nine children, says some of her relatives are police officers so she is too scared to report the attack. She fears her family’s only option will be to relocate to another area.

  • Please pray that God will heal Hassan and protect and provide for him and his family.
  • Thank God for the resolute faith of Hassan’s family, who have stood firm despite intense opposition.
  • Pray for Somali Christians in Kenya who are frequently a target for persecution by members of the Somali community.

(Source: Morning Star News)

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