Who will take up the challenge?

The Muslim world, a major part of the 10/40 window (10 degrees to 40 degrees north of Equator) is a key part of this area of the world which contains the majority of  unreached peoples. On this map showing people groups each of the red dots signifies an unreached people-see how many are in Muslim lands.


Slide1Click on pic to enlarge.

Pray for more dedicated Reformed men and women who have counted the cost, been thoroughly prepared and sent by their supporting churches.

Listen to this supporting mission:


“Left to this generation are the most inconvenient and inhospitable places and people on earth. I do believe that most inconvenient for us to reach are the Muslim peoples. I do know that Jesus is asking us to do something about it. And I do know that the primary hindrance to that is fear.

“It’s not convenient to give your life for Muslims. It’s not convenient to walk away from budding relationships. It’s not convenient to defer grad school. It’s not convenient to forego job opportunities. It’s even not so convenient to die.

“Yet in the name and in the Spirit of Jesus, overcoming all through His aid and His help, we will not be afraid to try; we will not afraid to cry; and we will not be afraid to die. We will reach the inconvenient lost. It’s up to me. It’s up to you. It’s up to us.”

~Dick Brogden


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