Al-Qaeda Holds Swiss Missionary Kidnapped in Mali for Second Time


2/16/2016 Mali (World Watch Monitor)

Al-Qaeda of the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) is stamping their continued terrorist influence over north and sub-Saharan Africa, cementing themselves as the prime persecutor of the Church in Mali. After abducting Swiss missionary Beatrice Stockley on January 8, they now demand the release of AQIM detained fighters and one man being tried at the Hague for war crimes. Her offense was preaching the gospel for the conversion of Muslims in Mali. AQIM has released a video establishing the terms for her release. AQIM is also holding Australian missionary Ken Elliot, captive since January 16.
  • Pray for the swift and safe release of Beatrice Stockley and missionary Ken Elliot from the clutches of Al-Qaeda.
  • Pray that like Paul, members of Al Qaeda would see the light of Christ; pray that in the presence of Jesus’ light all darkness would flee, and that the light of Christ would expose all lies and reveal Jesus.
  • Pray that through the witness of Christians, many in Mali will come to know Christ.

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