ALGERIA – Church threatened with closure

Please pray for our brothers and sisters in northern Algeria, where a church in the Kabylie area is being threatened with closure.
Officials have given warning that they will start legal action against its pastor if he continues to hold services. The church is linked to the state-approved Protestant Church of Algeria.
The church received a letter last week telling it to stop all religious activities because it was in breach of a 2006 decree regulating the use of buildings as places of worship.
Congregations in Algeria are required to seek a permit to use a building for non-Muslim worship – but the authorities rarely respond to applications.
In 2011 a church in Bejaia, a province in Kabylie, faced the same threat after the local mayor ordered its closure, but he withdrew the order following protests by Christians and religious rights campaigners.

  • Please pray that the authorities in Kabylie will withdraw their closure order.
  • Ask God to bless this church and its pastor: pray that they will experience His perfect peace.
  • Pray that the Kabylie authorities will start to see Christians as a force for good in society.

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