INDIA – Pastor and family hospitalised after assault


A pastor and his family are recovering in hospital after being badly beaten by Hindu extremists led by their village council leader.
Please pray for Pastor Sumati Prakash, his wife Urmila and their 15-year-old son, Hemansu, who were attacked at their church after the Sunday service.
Our partners in India say the family were getting ready to go home when extremists attacked their church in Kherawad village in Rajasthan state.
They tried to rape Urmila and insulted the entire family, before filing a case against Pastor Sumati at the local police station. The pastor, who suffered a broken leg and hand, has filed cases against the attackers but no arrests have been made. He has been ministering in the village for ten years.

  • Pray that God will heal Pastor Sumati, Urmila and Hemansu fully – and remind them of His faithfulness and purpose for their lives.
  • Pray that people in Kherawad and throughout Rajasthan will stand up to extremist elements, for the sake of religious tolerance.
  • Continue to pray that India’s Hindu nationalist Government will take firm action against extremist attacks on minorities such as Christians.
  • 10479460_10153211615587454_5466600897353166158_n
  • Modi’s government rightly accused of doing little or nothing to stop violence and discrimination against minorities.

(Source: Release partner)

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