Letter to Nigerian Embassy



Dear Ambassador,

                           Headlines like this appear almost daily in our Christian press…”A total of 44 people are reported to have been killed in yesterday’s attack on villages in Gashaka, Taraba state, Nigeria. Three people are in a critical condition in hospital and 146 have been displaced. Please continue to pray for the bereaved and injured”. Literally thousands of people, Christian and Muslim have been killed, maimed, burned alive and displaced in the Northern and Middle belt of your country. I would like to know what measures the government, through the army and police have taken to protect the population. Has there been increased recruitment and deployment? Have local men not been trained and armed to protect their villages? If not-why not? The carnage in your country is worse than that in the Middle East under ISIS and the war in Syria. Your president has promised action but these murderous groups who have also kidnapped hundreds of women and girls seem to continue to wreak havoc indiscriminately and freely. You and your government are responsible to act to defeat these cruel men and so far there seem to be few victories and you are no nearer to protecting your people. I would welcome a detailed response.

Yours sincerely,

Dr Julian Kennedy


Northern Ireland.


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