CHINA – Fears grow for missing church leaders


Please pray for our church family in China, where at least three church leaders have gone missing recently.
Yang Jianwei, a pastor from an unregistered church in Anzhuang, Hebei province, disappeared on Friday after reporting for a driving test.
His instructor and local police asked to see CCTV footage at the test centre in Dingxing county, hoping that it might explain what happened to Pastor Yang. But their requests were refused. Sources report that other church leaders have gone missing in Xuanhua diocese, also in Hebei, and in Fuzhou diocese in Fujian province.
Meanwhile, in Henan province, Christians are still coming to terms with the death of a pastor’s wife as she protested against the demolition of her house church.
Ding Cuimei and her husband, Pastor Li Jiangong, stepped in front of the bulldozer driven by a local contractor carrying out government instructions to demolish Beitou Church in Zhumadian. The bulldozer buried them in soil. Pastor Li was able to dig himself out but Ding Cuimei suffocated. Two people have been arrested over her death.
Listen to Li talking about his wife’s death here.

  • Please pray for the safe return of Pastor Yang and other church leaders. Ask God to protect them.
  • Ask God to comfort and care for Pastor Li, his family and church members following the death of his wife.
  • Pray that church demolitions in China would end.

(Sources: AsiaNews, China Aid)

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