PAKISTAN – Kidnapped Christian woman still missing after five days

p16221Not Marriam!
Please pray for the safe return of a young Pakistani Christian woman called Marriam who has been abducted.
The 24-year-old (pictured) was dragged into a car as she walked down the street with her young brother, Youhan, in Lahore’s Bahar Colony last Thursday. She was on her way to college when she was snatched.
As the car sped off, onlookers, alerted by Youhan’s cries, gave chase on a motorcycle but the kidnappers managed to shake them off. During the chase, a young girl was hit as she crossed the road, resulting in serious injury to both her legs.
Police initially refused to register a case. In fact, it was only when Marriam’s family and local Christians staged a road block in protest that officers relented.
When a Release partner, Centre for Legal Aid, Assistance and Settlement (CLAAS), visited Marriam’s family, her mother was in ‘a state of mourning’ but surrounded by Christian friends. The family say they have no idea why Marriam has been abducted.

  • Please pray for Marriam’s swift and safe return. Pray that God will comfort her and her family.
  • Pray that the young girl injured by the getaway car will know God’s presence, peace and healing.
  • Pray that Pakistani officials, including police, will show greater commitment to upholding the rights of all citizens, including minorities such as Christians.

(Source: CLAAS)


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