World’s largest unreached peoples.

Who says the job’s done and Christ could return anytime now?

The unfinished task

100 Largest Unreached Peoples (from Joshua Project)

These total 1.8 billion or 25% world’s population.

Slide1Click image to enlarge


The vast majority of these have less than 1% Christian and most have few , if any, believers.

  1. Shaikh (Bangladesh) 136 million
  2. Shaikh (India) 83 million
  3. Yadav (India) 60 million
  4. Brahmin (India) 60 million
  5. Chamar (India) 52 million
  6. Rajput (India) 45 million
  7. Sunda (Indonesia) 36 million
  8. Jat (Pakistan) 32 million
  9. Bania (India) 29 million
  10. Mahratta (India) 29 million Mahratta

That video gives a clear overall picture of the spiritual bondage of the world’s largest democracy and the nation that is home to the greatest number of unreached peoples.


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