In James O. Fraser ’s biography, “Mountain Rain”, A  story it told of a time when some Lisu tribes men visited Fraser from the Cold Country, an area hitherto resistant to the gospel. They came to tell him that their chief,
“Big Tiger”, was now ready to hear the missionary’s message. But Fraser
was already committed elsewhere, so he sent a young American co-worker,
Allyn Cooke, with the tribes men even though he only spoke a little Chinese
and no Lisu at all. As guest of honour in Big Tiger ’s home during their
New Year festival, Cooke was obliged to watch as inebriated tribes men
visited one after another to prostrate thems elves before ancestors pirits and
bow down in worship of Satan. Deeply grieved by their
depravity, but frustrated by his limited language, Cooke finally
broke down and sobbed. The Spirit moved. There and then
Big Tiger destroyed all his objects of demon worship and
within days the whole village and other nearby villages
follow ed suit, all turning to Christ for salvation.

imagesGVWPMY44 imagesY3O6DHDM Lisu peopleimagesZI65S6HW Demonic ritualuntitled


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