Ugandan pastor poisoned

UGANDA pastor poisoned

Ugandan pastor Micah Byamukama survived a knife attack but died five days later after his food was poisoned.
Please pray for Pastor Micah’s grieving family. They believe the same man was behind both attempts on Micah’s life: a local Muslim angered by a discussion about faith he had had with the pastor.
In the first attack, the man allegedly hired a group to attack Pastor Micah with knives in Kasecha village in eastern Uganda – but they fled after neighbours responded to his cries for help. Five days later, the same man visited Micah, in an apparent show of reconciliation. The man allegedly laced Micah’s food with insecticide as they shared a meal together.
Pastor Micah, who was 61, died later that evening at the local health centre. At least six Christians in eastern Uganda, where there are large Muslim populations, have been killed or brutally attacked this year; others have been forced to flee due to death threats.

  • Pray that God will comfort and provide for Pastor Micah’s family.
  • Pray that officials in eastern Uganda will take firm action to halt the spread of extremism and violence against Christians.
  • Ask God to strengthen His people in eastern Uganda. Pray they will put their total trust in the Lord and not in their ‘own understanding’ (Proverbs 3:5).


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