Wasulu of Mali




Came across this lovely story in the 30 days of prayer for Muslim world which coincided with Ramadan and will finish  on July 5th.

In 2001 a young missionary called Chris went to Mali to the Bambara-speaking Wasulu people who had no known believers or churches. He learned their language and found them open, but he became ill and had to be evacuated back to the US being told he could never return to West Africa. On a survey trip to New York in 2006 he discovered a Wasulu community in Harlem. A middle-aged Wasulu man from Mali called Jamal admitted he had been a believer for 22 years, had been threatened with death by family back home and had to keep moving, eventually getting to New York. He had been praying for a brother to come and help him reach his people. He was the fist Wasulu believer Chris had met. Chris moved with his family to Harlem and there are now more than 100 Wasulu followers of Christ and through Jamal’s connections in Mali doors for the gospel have opened there contributing to the first Wasulu churches in West Africa.

More about the Wasulu

Check out Mali powerpoint.



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