Appalling murders by Muslims in Uganda

What would happen to you if you didn’t observe Ramadan?
Angel’s relatives poisoned her baby – because as a Christian she did not observe Ramadan.
Please pray for our sister in eastern Uganda who is grieving the loss of her baby daughter.
Angel, 24, angered her Muslim mother-in-law when she ate during the day-time fast of Ramadan. She was breast-feeding her child, who was unwell, and wanted to keep up her strength. Islam does not require non-Muslims to observe Ramadan. The sick, pregnant women and breast-feeding mothers can also be excused.
The next day, Angel’s mother-in-law gave her son some herbs to ‘cure’ the sick child. The baby soon became seriously ill and died. Doctors confirmed the child had been poisoned.
Angel’s relatives later snatched the baby’s body and beat Angel for refusing to bury her according to Islamic rites. The baby’s body has not yet been found.
Meanwhile, a week later, in the same district, Luuka, villagers killed a 50-year-old Christian widow called Efranse. She had resisted pressure to donate land for a new mosque; when her land was seized last month, she reported it to police. Six days later, she was murdered.

  • Please pray that God will comfort Angel over the loss of her child. Pray for her marriage: her husband was arrested over the disappearance of the baby’s body.
  • Pray for Efranse’s local church family in Luuka: pray that they will choose to bear witness to God’s love, even in their grief.
  • Continue to pray for the church in Muslim areas of eastern Uganda, where Christians are under mounting pressure.

(Source: Morning Star News)

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